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Sunday, July 20, 2014

How Dating Rules Have Changed Through Times

By Rimona Franklin

Gone are the times when a young lad had to woo the pretty lady with poems and roses and sing a romantic melody under the full moon as the birds chirp and the cool breeze softly grazes her skin.  Even after all this, the lad is kept in the dark when it comes to knowing what goes on in the pretty lady’s heart. Sounds over dramatic? Well believe it or not, this is how it used be, maybe not the full moon part of it. They would have seen each other a million times even before they had uttered a single word, at the college or bus stop or tuitions or typewriting classes, which were like Cadd classes then etc. Their eyes meet, she smiles and scratches the ground with her feet, he looks around to see if the coast is clear, he says “Hello”, trying to make her look at his face, she says “Hello” and what happens after that is history, you know ;)

Oh, but the times have changed now. He sees a girl, admires her, finds out her name, searches for her on facebook, sends her a request, she accepts the request and we all know what happens after that. No problem  making a first impression because we only put up our best pictures on social networking sites. Leave alone the approach, while a guy had to wait a certain period of time and impress her before he could ask her out on a date, nowadays a guy is free to ask a girl out on the first meeting. And mostly, both are clad in comfy jeans, a huge difference to how it was done back then. Dressing up, make up, flowers, and a beehive hairdo and what not! The dressing up part of the dating process comes up only when the relationship hits a serious note, and only on occasions even at that.
,br> The feminist movement has certainly had an effect on the dating rules. The girl does not like to be treated like a very pretty but a dumb incompetent doll. Make her feel like she’s stupid and you’ll never get near her or any of her friends, ever. Paying for the lady is also out of the window, the lady is capable for paying for herself. The conversations can be about anything nowadays, from “how blue the sky is today” to “how gay people must be accepted in a society”. Dating is more casual nowadays and is also done with a group of friends sometimes.

While dating in the modern era has changed a lot, a few classics never fail. Roses, which girl will not like a bunch of fresh red roses delivered to her home.  Compliments, “You look beautiful today”, the immediate uncontrollable reaction? Blush. A surprise, an unexpected gift at an unexpected time, never fails. Open the door for her, pull out a chair, have a candl light dinner and make her feel like she’s the only one and the smartest girl in the world, and we know what happens after that (wink).

About The Author:

Rimona, the reckless, is a 22-year-old Good Human/Her dad’s incarnation/Daughter of Glory/Sister of Tennyson/In-law of Hannah/Aunt of Samuel baby/Event Manager/Dancer/Bathroom Singer/Painter/Relationship Guru/Amazing Friend to have/Writer/Poet/Actor in this play called "My Life"/Home Maker/Rulebreaker/Social Butterfly and everything else possible, from Chennai. She wishes to be a rock-star in the future and all her neighbors would verify that.

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