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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Author: Devika Rajan

Thank you Rosalyn
For the Women’s Day wishes
And hope today
And everyday
Goes fine for you….
You sent pictures
Of achievers
Indira Nooyi, Kiran Bedi,
Suneeta Williams
And Kiran Shaw…
How about Radha
And Shantabai?
We didn’t tell them…
So they don’t
Know it’s Women’s Day….
Let’s discuss
On glass ceilings
And wife beatings
And miscellany…..
But did you hear
The stifled cry
The unshed tear
Of the baby
Who wanted to be?
Washed down the sink
A statistic…
Let’s make a speech—
“Sex Ratio eight-eighty...
“How appalling!
Perhaps a seminar…
Followed by tea
We’d feel better,
After that? Surely?
Thank you, Rosalyn for your wishes…..


(This poem was written by me on 8th March 2007)

About The Poet:

Ten years back, Devika Rajan left full time employment with a commercial bank so that she could focus more on the things she liked doing. This includes travelling, writing whenever the mood seizes her, learning classical dance and teaching English.


  1. Thank you Devika. It's so very true. You have nicely brought out the pain of a sensitive heart on seeing the superficiality of things around.
    While reading of Shantabai... I was also reminded of the abused girl child.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Thanks, Neeraj-- Devika