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Monday, June 30, 2014

The Black Bird Sings

Gonapragasen Naicker AKA Danny

standing in gracious majesty
along the banks
where the placid river flows
the willow tree
she droops and sways
when the wind blows
many a weary traveler
sought comfort beneath her boughs

the black bird in full flight
flies from the sky
to rest and perch on her mane
and when he catches his breath
the black bird sings
from a voice so sweet
flows an aria from his soul
like a solo violin concerto
in full tempo
he serenades the world

the willow with boughs drooping
as one in weeping
listens to the song
that tells a story
of the wonders of the world
seen by the eyes and mind
when the black bird soars
above the earth
and looks down from the sky

oh! river pause for a while
wait and listen
to the black bird sing
you forever making haste
never resting
you flow on and on
why don’t you stop
and catch your breath
and hear this wondrous song

I have passed this way
forever and ever
long before your birth
before your seed was scattered
by the black bird
on my fertile banks
I watched you grow
from a seedling to a strapping sapling
and now you tower

like a giant above me
decades have come and gone
have you not listened
to the poetry in my song
as I winded my way
from the distant mountain peaks

day and night without resting
I have sung a myriad of songs
as I flowed beneath your boughs
and from the depths of my soul
the poetry has flowed
in every song I have sung
you did not listen you did not hear

I sang of starry, nights
With stars dancing on fire
morning fields of clover
covered in diamond dew
swirling fields of daffodils
in brightly blaze
cool summer days
of colours changing hue
the whiteness of the virgin snow
draping pine trees with silver jewels
young lovers walking hand in hand without care without woes
with my eyes I have watched the world
saw the darkness in mans soul
sad faces lined in pain
these are songs I have sung
from my soul
perhaps now you will listen
to the songs my heart sings
as I flow beneath your boughs.

About the poet:

Gonapragasen Naicker AKA Danny: He is an Indian born and brought up in South Africa. He has been fascinated by, and writing poetry since his early boyhood. He has performed his poetry at various forums, including the Poetry Africa Festival, the Mauritian Writers’ Association, and Glorioustimes (India). He is the Convenor of the Live Poets Society, Durban, SA.

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