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Monday, June 30, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014

Author: Ruben Tedder

If you think that the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2014 is 'just' a tournament for the men's football world championship, which is currently taking place in Brazil then you're terribly mistaken. Its not just any other football game where the players play some world class football to earn their respect from their fans but its a carnival of this great sport where intense emotions are displayed on the field, the only time where people from Asia support the European nations, obviously its also when we get to see Shakira sing and dance another peppy number but above all its the real clash of titans where legends play with sheer pride on their roads to achieve glory.

Like every other world cup Brazil remains the favourite for many fans around the world. The defending champioms Spain who won the finals against the Dutch last time, were expected to dominate this year as well but their devastating 5-1 loss against Dutch in their opening match was the one which no one on the planet would have expected. After posing a crushing victory against the defending champions the Dutch showed the world that they stand a strong chance to lift the cup along with Germany, France and Brazil. Germany has so far reached the semi's  12 times, the most by any team in this competition and they've had a good run so far. France remains a tough opponent to beat for any team on a given day. Brazil has reached the knockout stage with little difficulty which leaves us a tiny bit of doubt on their chances of lifting the cup this season.

Because of the relatively high ambient temperatures in Brazil, particularly at the northern venues, "cooling breaks" for the players were introduced. Breaks can take place after the 30th minute of the first and second half of games at the referee's discretion if the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature exceeds 32°C.

On the tally of goals scored, Miroslav Klose has equalised the previous record for the most number of goals in the World Cup which was held by the Brazillian striker Ronaldo and Klose  is expected to score more in his current form. Great players like Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi who have never scored before in a World Cup scored their opening goals.

In terms of disappointment this World Cup witnessed the stunning exit of Spain and the slow exits of Italy and England so far. The legends of the game like Gianluigi Buffon, Andrea Pirlo, Steven Gerrard, Xavi Hernandez and Xabi Alonso are expected to retire from international duty after this world cup. A player with world class talent like Luis Suarez was sent-off for bitting a Costa Rican player which displayed the ugly side of the game.

With Belgium and Netherlands being the dark horses this time they provide tough chances for the big teams to reach the quarter-finals. On the other hand teams like Chile and USA have performed well enough to meet the standards of this great competition, with the knock-out stages all set to begin the intensity of the tournament will only increase with every game. This World Cup has so far proved to be an open tournament making it possible for any team to win this time.

About the author:

Ruben loves football.  His favorite quote goes, "It ain't about how hard you HIT. Its about how hard u can GET HIT and keep moving forward". And yup, Ruben can write. :)

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